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The 3 Things That Will Make You a Lot of Money Online

What are the 3 things that will make you a lot of money online?

When most people start an online business, they focus on all the wrong things. 

They focus on their website being perfect, their logo, their theme, the name, ETC… In reality, the ONLY thing you should focus on when you’re creating an online business is revenue. Yes, making money. Because it doesn’t matter if you have the perfect logo, the perfect website, and so on because it is absolutely worthless if you are not making money.

Just like one of my mentors would say, “Don’t major in minors.” So with that being said, there are 3 things that you need to focus on to make a lot of money online.

1. Traffic – The number one thing you are going to need is going to need is attention. This means people paying attention to you. This can be visiting your website, followers on social media, ETC. You need to get people’s attention so that you can provide value. Some people are going to like you and some are going to hate you and a small percent is going to LOVE you. These are the people who will benefit the most and eventually buy your products or services.

2. Conversion – The second thing is going to be Conversion. “You can’t sell birth control to abstinent women.” What that means is that you must identify your target audience and have the skills to convert a random person who comes and looks at your brand, into a customer.

Once you master these first two things, you will start making a lot of money.

3. Product – This third one is not as important simply because you don’t even have to create your own product or service. You can easily become an affiliate for another product and earn a commission. I personally would suggest creating your own product but if you don’t know what you want to create or teach then it would be in your best interest to get started selling affiliate products.

There you have it, ladies and gentleman, if you master these 3 things you will become unstoppable. So if you’re a beginner just focus on mastering these 3 things until you start making a full-time income. 

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