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Why Its Stupid to Give Up on Your Dreams

I am a big believer that you should base your work on something that you are curious or passionate about.

Every day, I see tons of people who are absolutely miserable working at their job. They don’t care about, they’re not passionate about it, they’re just doing it because they have to.

What pisses me off is that there are so many people that settle for this.

What is your dream, what are you passionate about? How do you want to live your life?

Most of you know Gary Vaynerchuk. I came across this video and I was amazed. This is what people need to hear.

There is no overnight success, it takes fucking work. For those of you who want to quit or are even thinking of quitting on something that they want to do for the rest of their life. IT IS STUPID! Especially when you’ve only been doing it for months or a couple of years.

Regret is possibly the most dreadful feeling that there is. Don’t live your life like everybody else, most people are living for the weekends just so they can escape their miserable jobs that they absolutely hate. You don’t want to be this person. Don’t live for the weekends, just live your life. 

Therefore, If you tried and failed, get back up and keep trying and trying until you succeed. Nothing happens overnight. 

Finally, I hope this inspires you in any way to keep going. Most people, including myself, get discouraged at times because we’re not getting the results that we want in the time frame that we want it in. Also, Take massive action, be consistent with it, believe it in, and it will happen. I want you to live a happy life, do something that excites you. Make it happen now, there is no time to waste! 

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