6 Best Entrepreneurial Resources

The 6 Best Entrepreneurial Resources

Here are The 6 Best Entrepreneurial Resources.

There are tons of people who want to start or already have an online business. With that being said, there are ways to boost the success of one’s business by using helpful resources. Therefore, If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or maybe you’re already an entrepreneur, this is for you.

Above all, here are the 6 best entrepreneurial resources that have helped me grow my business and that I think everybody else should take advantage of.

#1: Clickfunnels

In my opinion, Clickfunnels is the best resource to create squeeze pages, sales pages, thank you pages, etc. There is no business without sales. So either you’re preparing to sell somebody something or you’re already selling somebody something. You can literally make squeeze pages, sales pages, and thank you pages in just a few minutes. 

#2: Aweber

An email list is an essential part of any business. Aweber is an autoresponder that you can use to store all of the emails you’ve collected, send broadcasts, build follow-up series, etc. I’ve personally been using Aweber for a couple of years now and I can easily recommend it as a great resource.

#3: Bluehost

If you have an online business, you’re going to need a website. I personally use WordPress to build my website and Bluehost to host it. Bluehost provides excellent service and their customer service is amazing. Also, whenever I’ve run into some issues, their team is on it right away.

#4: Canva

Another great resource is going to be Canva. This is an awesome resource to create your own designs. I use Canva to create all of my social media covers, pictures, thumbnails, ads, etc. The best part about it is that you can create tons of different designs absolutely free. Also, this a great resource for all of your social media marketing, instead of paying a designer and spending tons of money, you can do everything yourself or hire an assistant to do it for you at a lower rate.

#5: Crowdfire

Next, Crowdfire is an awesome resource for all your social media marketing. This is a software that lets you connect your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This software helps market and grow all of your social media platforms. Also, Crowdfire is absolutely free and you can also upgrade to a paid subscription where you can get tons of other useful features.

#6: Buffer

Lastly, Buffer is probably one of my favorite apps. Buffer allows me to schedule posts and automatically post them at whatever day and time that I want. This makes my social media marketing so much easier because I can just block out an hour or two, one day out of the week and just write and schedule all of the social media posts that I will be posting for the week. Also, this saves me so much time and energy so that I can focus on other important aspects of my business.


In conclusion, these are all resources and tools that I am currently using to create and grow my business. If you aren’t using some of these resources, feel free to try some of them out. Lastly, feel free to reach out of me if you have any questions or concerns. 

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