5 Signs That You Will Fail

The 5 Signs That You Will Fail At Business And At Life

Everybody talks about what to do to be successful in business but what nobody wants to talk about is what not to do. The truth is, the problem might not be what you aren’t doing but what you are doing wrong.

Over the period of my life, I’ve studied tons of successful people. I’ve also seen how average people and people who are extremely unhappy, act.

There are two types of motivation, there is positive motivation and there is negative motivation. Positive motivation is when somebody inspires you because you want to be like them. Negative motivation, on the other hand, is when you see somebody and in the position that they have put themselves in their life and you are motivated to work hard so you won’t end up like them. I honestly believe that negative motivation is what inspires me the most. The thought of being average just doesn’t resonate with me.

With that being said, here are the 5 signs that you will fail at business and at life.

Sign #1: You Give Up Easily

Most people underestimate what it takes to actually run and build a sustainable business. This is what most people do, they try a new business and fail a couple of times and then they give up. That is what I call the dabbler mentality. If you look at anybody who has started a successful business and is earning millions of dollars, you will see that they had to go through hell to get there. However, if you want it bad enough, you will keep trying until you make it happen.

Sign #2: You’re A Complainer

There is nothing worse than somebody who complains all of the time. What do you get out of complaining about something? Absolutely nothing! All you’re doing is spreading negative energy to those around you. Success cannot come when you’re too busy complaining about everything.

Sign #3: You Blame Others

Sign #3 that you will be a complete failure at business and life is that you blame others. “Oh, I’m not where I want to be because of this person or this person.” Winners take 100% responsibility for their life. Once you have that mentality, you realize that you have full control and can start moving towards success.

Sign #4: You Blow Your Money

The mistake that most people make when they start seeing some success in business is blowing all of their money. I made this mistake with my first business. Instead of reinvesting the profits, I blew it all on myself, partying, girls, etc. I probably would have accomplished so much more if I hadn’t done that. By doing this, I had many setbacks. There is always a lesson learned.

Sign #5: You Are Not Taking Massive Action

If you are not taking massive action, then you will definitely fail. There are times when I feel stagnant and I realize that I am not taking enough action. If you call 10 prospects per day start calling 100. Massive action is required to achieve success in a short period of time. There is no time to waste so start taking massive action in all areas of your life. 

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